Thursday, March 17, 2011

How Syed Balkhi Became an Internet Entrepreneur

Syed Balkhi is a well-known blogger and for a good reason too, he is brilliant at what he does. His entrepreneurial skills are above standard and he knows how to create a winning formula when it comes to creating products and dealing with product launches. Syed Is the owner and founder of the popular website and online community WP Beginner. WP Beginner has been a rock solid foundation for many beginners who are new to both wordpress and the world of online communications. He has made a massive impact on many people within the Wordpress community helping others to get where they want to be. Syed is a true entrepreneur and has been a blogging professionally for some while now and because of this he has made a lot of money through his blogging websites through many different monetization methods. Here in this article Syed tells us more about why he is successful. Enjoy the article.

How I Started
We wanted to make the job of managing website easy for us and our clients, so we decided to shift all of our clients’ sites to WordPress. In the process, we realized that most of our clients didn’t know a single thing about WordPress and were asking us the exact same questions over and over. So we searched on the web for resources and most of them were by developers for developers, and that is when it hit me. Why don’t we create a resource that is a dumb down version of the WordPress Codex and everyone will be able to understand it. The biggest motivation for myself and the team to get this thing going ASAP was annoying client emails. We were getting those non-stop and most of them were asking similar questions.

The Best Things I Did For My Business
Comparing from back when I first started to now, I would say one of the key things that has helped me is networking. Let it be social media networking, or the networking in actual conferences, I have made a lot of great friends and contacts. All of whom has supported me throughout my ventures. But the biggest and single most important factor that allowed us to expand our business is our AUDIENCE. We took care of them, and they took care of us. We provided quality resources, and they shared those on social media networks etc.

What Makes Me The Most Money
The most profitable aspect of our online business is affiliate marketing. Our site is one of the largest WordPress resource sites on the web and it attracts a large group of users. We recommend quality products that our user might find helpful, and we work out affiliate relations with those companies. So it is a win win. Because of a high level of trust that our audience has within us, we have been able to get tons of new clients to our design company as well.

How I Work
I wake up early not because of work but out of habit. I bring a lot of skills to the table and I contribute wherever necessary. But my main focus in the company is dealing with clients, managing relationships, expanding our reach through social media and such. However just out of hobby and personal interest, I do WordPress / PHP development and graphic design.

The Day I Realized “I MADE IT”
Success is relative, and I don’t think I have made it just yet. However, being mentioned in Wired Magazine was pretty neat. Also the day Robert Scoble sent a tweet about WPBeginner, it was a good day. Most of my celebrations are limited to close family where I spend time with my youngest brother or my beautiful girlfriend, and we have a blast.

I Would Have Been Successful Sooner If…
I had stopped procrastinating. I had and too some extent still have this bad habit of leaving things for tomorrow. Another thing that I could have done sooner was start attending more conferences. At first it seems like it is a bit expensive, but it is well worth it.

What You Should Be Focusing On
First thing you need to do is get a team. Outsourcing might or might not be the best option for you. If you find the right folks to work with, it is very profitable. But it does take a while to find the right people. For traffic, I recommend letting your audience do the work for you. Just give them what they want (quality articles, products etc), and they will do the promotion for you. Utilize the power of social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to your advantage.

Why I’m Successful and Why You May Be Not
The main difference between those people who have been successful and those who have failed is the persistence. You only fail when you stop trying. Heck, I failed numerous times, but I think that was a success because I didn’t stop trying, and now I am pretty well off.

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